The second morning, Donna is in the woman office whenever Harvey gets in, inquiring as to the reasons they had not spent the night along with her

Donna says one she doesn’t this way Harvey concurred with her in public places when you are personally disagreeing together with his posture, and you can immediately following Harvey answers he don’t require this lady to be annoyed during the him, she realizes that he is scared you to she’d get-off your. Donna reassures him that she’d not log off your, especially due to a work-associated incident. Harvey, although not, says to Donna to see Louis by yourself while he goes to Faye’s work environment to talk to her. Donna brains so you can Louis’ workplace, listing a member of staff tapping their name from their place of work screen. She apologizes towards incidents of your own prior nights, revealing you to definitely this lady has an adult cousin just who became this lady boyfriends with the doormats, a fate she cannot need to Harvey to help you befall so you can, and you will assurances Louis that she would maybe not enable it to be the woman reference to Harvey so you’re able to connect with how they eliminate him.

24 hours later, Faye brains in order to Donna’s place of work, alerting Donna that she’s today pretending managing spouse and this she need an assistant. Donna initial declines due to the fact she is today COO, saying you to definitely resuming secretarial works manage send a keen unflattering content, regardless if Faye reacts that this lady has heard Donna try the best in the corporation and you may wishes Donna to cope with the woman documents for the woman. Donna asks if she’d get demoted in the event that she declines, and that Faye affirms. Not wanting to get good demotion and you can clean out this lady identity because the COO, Donna agrees to perform secretarial responsibilities for Faye.

When you are handling Faye’s documents in her work environment, Harvey storms in to talk about the threat of are charged of the his consumer, Dan Foley. But not, Donna is actually hectic are Faye’s assistant, angering Harvey. Donna thoughts with the toilet to apply lipstick whenever Gretchen guides inside, informing the girl one to Faye wants the woman. Donna adds that Faye wants for her to get this lady assistant and requires Gretchen to pay for on her when you’re she goes out for lunch. Gretchen reveals one the woman is aware Donna and you may Harvey is together and offers for taking more Faye’s secretarial obligations on her part. Donna initial declines, but once Gretchen is actually insistent into the doing so, Donna many thanks the woman and you will simply leaves, saying that she owes Gretchen.

Harvey implies that he sporadically watches The fresh Oprah Winfrey Tell you and you may covers keeping the task-lifestyle equilibrium within their matchmaking when Gretchen disrupts her or him, notifying her or him you to Faye stripped Louis regarding his term because the managing companion and they need to go select your

In the restaurant, Harvey covers Faye at length till the couples comprehend the dinner was to prevent the Faye problem. The pair are embarrassing with nothing to say up until Harvey divulges you to definitely Donna reminds him off Ricky Garfield’s mommy. Harvey explains so you’re able to a disoriented Donna you to Ricky Garfield are an excellent man who’d gone toward community as he try 16 and therefore Harvey create a break toward his mommy, a girl with red hair. Donna gets a call from Louis, likely to address it as she guaranteed she’d be there getting Louis, no matter if Harvey reacts this dining is designed for the two of these. Donna then elects to not ever respond to the call therefore the two laugh immediately following Harvey helps make bull crap, unaware one to Louis is actually seeing him or her.

Donna ends up Harvey of attending Faye, not wanting him to battle the lady fights, and you can implies that they go aside for dinner to clear the lead and get away from the things they’re doing difficulties off impacting its relationship

Another night, Louis returns domestic into the evening which is confused to know Donna’s wit. He thoughts with the home to acquire Donna and Sheila talking, which have Donna attempting to persuade Sheila to have Louis stay at the business. Louis tells the lady that he has chose to keep within the firm, that Donna answers by the indicating he has got an excellent girls’ nights, much so you’re able to Louis’ glee, who wishes to see Dirty Dancing together. [3]

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